The Sardine Run 2019 – Yoga and Dolphin Experience

The Sardine Run – Yoga and Dolphin Experience

Experience the Sardine Run Ocean Safari, an event of spectacular proportions during winter on the South African coastline. This time of year is right in the middle of two migrations; shoals of sardines and pods of humpback whales. Tonnes of sardines are moving north to spawn, closely followed by their predators, namely dolphins, gannets and sharks. At the same time, pods of humpback whales are migrating north to warmer waters to give birth. Nature and wildlife enthusiasts as well as photographers will get a chance to capture ocean wildlife as never imagined. Yoga lovers will be guided twice daily for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions overlooking the bay. All this set in the beautiful rolling hills and rural african landscape of Mdumbi, Wildcoast.

Join us for this yoga, snorkeling and free-diving adventure! Everyone is welcome and there is no special training needed to join us for the yoga and boating experience. You will spend 6 days on the ocean, with 7 night’s accommodation. Meals and yoga/snorkeling equipment included.



Arrive 8th – Depart 15th June 2019 – Sold out

Arrive 15th – Depart 22nd June 2019 – 4 spots left


R28,000pp sharing


  • Ocean safari
  • Yoga twice daily
  • All meals
  • Snorkeling & yoga equipment
  • Marine guides
  • Accommodation
  • Wifi

Doesn’t include:

  • Flights to East London, South Africa
  • Transfers by road to Mdumbi

Iyengar Yoga with Monique

Monique LOVES Iyengar yoga. She has practiced yoga for the past 10 years has been teaching for 3. Monique has a background in Architecture and Sustainable Development, and has completed degrees in both. Since 2015, Monique has changed her career radically from Architecture to teaching yoga full time. She is passionate about teaching yoga because she believes it guides people to live more connected, authentic, fulfilled and sustainable lives. She believes in the powerful effects of yoga on the body and mind. Her teaching focuses on alignment, because she believes that it is with alignment that one finds true freedom in yoga, and that alignment can help one go much deeper into one’s yoga practice. Come on this trip and share classes with her twice daily!

Wildlife Photography with Steve

Steve is an ocean and photography addict, and has built his life around the ocean since 2009. He has lead sardine run trips for the last 9 years; a passion project he loves to share each year. Steve has advised, facilitated and assisted on expeditions with National Geographic magazine and the BBC’s Blue Planet II. He loves creating wild ocean experiences and rare photographic opportunities for clients. Steve is also the director of Animal Ocean, a wildlife expeditions company that brings you up close to the natural world (see more website and instagram). Join him on the Sardine Run for an action packed adventure that you won’t forget!


Mdumbi is the best place to experience the marine life on the Sardine Run. The rolling hills of Mdumbi Backpackers over look the estuary and the ocean. A quick walk down the hill each morning is where we will launch the boat. With only 7 places available, this trip offers adventure for those who want to escape the masses and find something unique. See more here

The Daily Routine

We start the day early at 6:30am with a 45 min yoga practice. Breakfast will be waiting at 7:30am, after which we will kit up and go. From 8:30am we are on the water with the whales, dolphins and sardines. The afternoon from 3-5pm is yours to relax, before starting an hours yoga practice at 5pm. Dinner will be waiting at 7pm. Each day promises to be an adventurous wildlife and yoga experience. Check out one of our past trips on Steve’s “Diary” section

What to expect / what to bring

Encountering the ocean in this unique way means being exposed to the water, wind and sun for the day on the boat (6hours). Ocean conditions can vary, so those prone to sea-sickness should bring the necessary prevention medicine. Bring sunscreen, a wind breaker, a hat, sunglasses, and a buff. Mdumbi is a rural village, with no shops or facilities. Bring all your essential items for this time. The evenings can be chilly, and we will be there in the mild South African winter month of June. Temperatures, on land, range from 14-21 degrees celsius in this season. Bring warm clothes for the evenings.

The water temperature ranges from 16C – 22C. We will be using 5mm wetsuits, as well as booties, gloves, fins and vests. We will bring weight belts and any equipment need for snorkeling or free-diving.

The water temperature ranges from 16C – 22C. We recommend at least a 5mm wetsuit with hood. Long blade fins are recommended, if you have them. We will bring weight belts and any equipment need for snorkeling or free-diving.

All yoga sessions will be held 3-5minutes walk away beneath a casuarina grove, on a tented deck overlooking the bay. These sunrise and sunset yoga sessions will be open to the natural elements, although protected from any rain we may have. Bring warm clothes for the final resting pose of each session. Mats and essential props will be provided. Water bottles and sweat towels won’t be necessary.

Getting to Mdumbi

The best way to join us is to fly into East London airport. There is a shuttle service for R2000 p/p (both ways included). Alternatively there are car hire companies in East London for your convenience. East London is 6 hours drive away from Mdumbi. Self-drivers must depart East London by 12:00 to arrive on time.

Email us at to get on board and experience the ocean like you have never before!

Why do a home yoga practice?

We are already heading into 2019 full steam ahead, and during this busy time we can easily be side-tracked away from our yoga practice. Here are some reminders of why keeping up your home practice is so important.

Classes vs home practice? Yoga is ultimately your practice. Attending classes helps you start and hone your skills, while giving new inspiration and challenges. Classes help spark new sequencing ideas, build different focuses and give us a disciplined environment in which to practice. This is the foundation for practicing yoga.

Going to classes is fundamental to keeping on track, and one should always seek new knowledge, however a home practice is crucial in its own way. A home practice is where you explore what you’ve learnt in class and cement it into your own understanding. It’s helps you realise what you might need further clarity on. So when you come back to class, you’re coming with in with questions. In your home practice you can begin to explore what works for your specific body and needs, and focus on those aspects.

Our lives get busy fast. However, we need to prioritise things that contribute to our mental and physical wellbeing. I always say that yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time! The time you sacrificed to do your yoga will come back tenfold; because yoga gives mental clarity and makes one more productive. Yoga gives you something back, some new energy, some extra quietness, something that is just for you. 

Reflect & Restore

Wind down the year, reflect and restore yourself in this last workshop of the year. I was going to host a Home-Practice Workshop, but restoring seems more necessary at this hectic time of year.

A series of supported poses will lead you deeper into relaxation, and we will explore the breath to re-oxygenate your body.

Pranayama Workshop – “The Science of Breath”

Pranayama is the 4th limb of yoga, and is the science of breath. Prana means breath, respiration, life, vitality, energy or strength. Ayama means extension, expansion and ascension. Pranayama means breath extension or regulation. Regular practice of pranayama is as essential as a regular asana (pose) practice. We access the mind through the body and the breath. Emotional excitement affects the rate of breathing; equally, deliberate regulation of breathing checks emotional excitement. Through breath regulation we can begin to calm the nerves, soothe the body and ultimately control the mind. 

This workshop will begin with a restorative yoga sequence to quieten the mind and nerves, followed by guided pranayama. The fireplace will be lit and the room nice and warm to accommodate relaxation.

COST: R180 pre-booked, R230 at the door

BOOK: 082 413 5896 or


Simple, soft, soothing restorative asanas to wind down your Sunday evening, and get your ready for the week ahead. We will start with a gentle yoga sequence, followed by supine (lying down) poses. Many of the supported poses will be held for long durations, allowing you to settle into deep relaxation. The fireplace will be lit and the room nice and warm to accommodate relaxation.

COST: R180 pre-booked, R230 at the door

BOOK: 082 413 5896 or

Find Your Abdominals

Having strong abdominals goes way beyond a flat tummy or a six pack. We NEED our abdominal muscles for everyday life, for simple things such as rolling out of bed, or reaching over to pick up something.

When your abdominals are weak, the body uses other muscles to compensate and the over use of these muscles leads to back ache, prolapses etc. Introducing just one or two abdominal asanas into your daily yoga practice will have a huge impact on your overall abdominal strength, reduce back pain and increase digestive health.

In this workshop you will:

  • Find and understand where your abdominals are and how to get them working
  • Learn about abdominal asanas and how to include them in your daily practice
  • Look at how the abdominals play a role in everything we do and why they are so important to strengthen
  • Learn some ‘can do’ abdominal sequences
  • Explore variations and supported ways to practice abdominals
  • Find your the pelvic floor for fully integrated core support

COST: R180 for 1 workshop, R480 for 3 


private yoga constantia

I’m excited to announce my weekly classes in Constantia!

WHEN: Thursdays 4:15-5:30pm

WHERE: 24a Belair Dr, Constantia. (when you come up Belair Dr, continue past 22a and 24, then 24a is on your right with a wooden gate)

FEES: 450/month for once a week | R140 drop in

BRING:  Your mat, and your friends!


They will be aimed at all levels, beginners are welcome. Iyengar yoga gives an alignment focus to give deeper and safer access to poses, while ensuring maximum benefit. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

I hope to see you there!

With love,




Pranayama Workshop – “The Science of Breath”

This workshop will begin with a restorative yoga sequence to quieten the mind and nerves, followed by guided pranayama (breath control). The fireplace will be lit and the room nice and warm to accommodate relaxation. Please note that 1 year of regular yoga practice is required.

Pranayama is the 4th limb of yoga, and is as essential as a regular asana (pose) practice. Pranayama means breath extension or regulation.  We access the mind through the body and the breath. Emotional excitement affects the rate of breathing; equally, deliberate regulation of breathing checks emotional excitement. Through breath regulation we can begin to calm the nerves, soothe the body and ultimately control the mind.

COST: R180 for 1 workshop, R480 for 3

September Newsletter is Out!

I’ve recently started a monthly newsletter to fuel your motivation and passion for yoga. Each newsletter includes interesting yoga tips and inspiration, home sequences, pose adaption with props, and more! Every month you’ll also find an exclusive offer on a health and wellness product, to say thank you for you support, as well as to support and grow local businesses that are doing good, ethical work. This month there is a 15% offer from KURO-Bo natural water filters!

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Become Yoga

The below quote explains the benefits of holding poses for long periods of time. Flowing between poses has its own benefits, but I’m enjoying slowing things down to a snails pace in this busy world. Slower does not mean easier (!) Iyengar yoga is ideal for a slow but strong practice. I think allowing our minds to become absorbed in the activity at hand is something that is becoming lost in our distracting Information Age. Spending longer durations in poses helps one practice being absorbed in the activity, giving one a single pointed focus. This, I think, will become increasingly important for our mental health.

“[In asanas], both left-brain and right-brain consciousness come into play. The analytical left brain probes the details of the poses and explores the various kinesiological possibilities; the right brain experiences and creates patterned wholes, capturing the flowing essence of each asana. When these two aspects of consciousness are working together harmoniously, the mind can constantly refine and adjust the pose while maintaining a continuous flow of intelligence. This integration – requiring great concentration and stillness of mind – is one of the challenges of asana practice and provides a fertile field for Self-unfolding.”         ~Arthur Kilmurray, Yoga Journal Sept/Oct 1984

📷 Steve Benjamin @animal_ocean