Eleanor McIntyre

“Whatever your limit is Monique always knows it is a bit further (!) – very motivating, disciplined and inspiring sessions! Each class I seem to find new muscles and alignments of the spaces inside and feel a sense of lightness and energy afterwards. Held in a beautiful, calming room with friendly, enthusiastic people – thanks Ayama!”

Cieara Joynt

“I absolutely love Iyengar Yoga and especially with Monique. Her clear instruction allows full confidence in ones movement and I fully trust that my body is safe in her class. The space is magical too and I feel like the attendees are all serious about their yoga and Monique definitely doesn’t let you slack off when she can see your potential however the space is still held for you if you need a break. I’ve been to many different yoga classes and tried out different styles and I must say that once I became aware of Iyengar Yoga I was hooked. I look forward to the next class, Namaste Monique you truly are an inspiring teacher and human.”

Billie-Mae Meintjies

“This 90 minute yoga class deals with a pure and strengthening style of yoga that focuses on form and flex. It has helped me with my posture and always leaves me feeling amazing !!”

Alex Glenday

“Monique at Yoga Ayama’s Iyengar teaching has changed the way I think and do yoga. Each class is a challenge that is supported and beautifully planned, in a light and gentle studio. Couldn’t recommend it more.”

Mia Aleksic

“Fantastic classes ! Lead by such an approachable and friendly instructor. Absolutely loved it !”

Ted Saczek

“The space is big and beautiful in a very quaint road- a perfect setting for Yoga! Monique is an excellent teacher- kind, strict and caring. She has expansive knowledge of the Iyengar practice and shares it with passion.”

Jordan Calder

“I’m really enjoying adding Monique’s Iyengar yoga classes to my yoga practice. My form and alignment is improving and after each class I feel as if I’m walking away from a personal chiropractic session! Thank you Ayama Yoga!”

Robyn Bowden

“Very technically precise classes from a very knowledgeable teacher.¬†Great classes, very skilled teacher and lovely studio – Such a find”