Private Yoga

Why choose private yoga?

In these one on one sessions, we are able to tailor-make the classes to suit you. We can focus on any specific area/s you are wanting to work on, or attend to any personalised goal you may have. Private classes allow for more direct teacher and student communication; the teacher will get to know your yoga practice and plan classes to suit. By working one on one, any ailments, weaknesses and strengths will become apparent and classes can be designed accordingly to balance you out.

Ayama Yoga offers private yoga classes in and around Cape Town.  Our yoga sessions are designed to bring about a balance between strength, balance and flexibility. Through this alignment of body, one can attain an inner alignment of mind and soul, and bring about holistic healing.

These private yoga classes can be held at the Constantia or  Kalk Bay studios or in your own home.

We look forward to working alongside you!

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