Yoga Philosophy Part 1

It’s difficult to learn yoga philosophy. Many of the yoga philosophy books are difficult to read, and it can be a lot to digest. It can feel as though you’re swimming in the midst of information, and can’t make the links. I will try post the highlights from my learning as I go, as a way for me to further understand, and to share this info with you in a concise way.

Below is some paraphrasing/quotes from a book I’m reading: Roots Of Yoga by James Mallinson and Mark Singleton.

“Union may be variously conceived as being with the manifestation of one’s own nature; with an element; with Siva’s (the state of enlightenment) power; or as the conjunction of the individual and the supreme self. Yoga is the union of all dualities.”

There are many definitions of yoga. In the Bhagavadgita, yoga is described as equanimity, skill in action and separation: “… Abandon attachment, and be equanimous in success and failure. Yoga is said to be equanimity.”

“Yoga is skill in action”

“Know that which is called yoga to be separation from contact with sufffering. It should definitely be practiced by one whose mind is not dejected.”

“Yoga is a sharpened axe for the canopy of creeperrs that are all calamaties, a magical means other than herbs, mantras and trantras fot attaining the spendour of nirvana. Even the worst deeds are wiped out as a result of yoga, like the thickest and blackest of thick black clouds by the fearsome gale. Yoga destroys sins, even those amassed over a long time…”

“Liberation is the most important of the four aims of man, and yoga is its cause. Yoga is the three jewels that take the form of right knowledge, conviction and conduct.”

“Yoga is union of the vital principle and the self. It is the knowledge of Siva [the state of yoga] and the self as not being different. It is the knowledge of one’s self.”

“Yoga is situated in the self.”

“Yoga is the union of all dualities. There is no merit greater than yoga, no happiness greater than yoga, and nothing more subtle than yoga, for there is no higher path than yoga.”

“[Yoga is] the union of the sun and moon, the individual soul and the supreme soul. And in the same way the union of all dualities, is called yoga.”

“Living apart, eating little, disciplined in speech, body and mind, always intent on the yoga of meditation, taking refuge in dispassion, giving up egoism, force, arrogance, lust, anger and grasping, unselfish and peaceful: such a one is for for becoming Brahman.”

That’s all for now. I will keep sharing as I go!