Botswana 2018

I’ve recently come back from holiday in Botswana, and I loved it so much I have already booked a trip for next year. If anyone ever plans to go to ever visit Botswana please let me know and I’ll give you some extra tips I wish I’d been given.

Going on any holiday can present challenges to one’s yoga practice. Priorities shift, and we find ourselves in a new routine and surroundings. A camping holiday presents unique challenges; you are often exposed to the elements, bugs and without spacious shelter.

This kind of holiday needs some extra consideration and dedication! I’ve put together some key points to help you stay focused and motivated in such times.

  • Do your practice first thing! Create a routine, and make this routine part of the your camping group dynamic. As soon as you’ve had breakfast it’s too late. The days activities will run away with you and the opportunity to practice slips away. The sun will have been up long enough to make the shade too scarce and it will soon become too hot to practice. Rise and practice!
  • Explain to your camping companions that you will be prioritising your yoga practice first thing each morning. This creates some sort of social pledge, and when they notice you slacking they may even call you out on why you aren’t practicing!
  • Find some flat, hard ground to practice on. Do not try to practice on soft sand. It will give you an unstable practice that can cause injury. Uneven ground can also make you go home feeling very skew.

  • Bring a dedicated ground sheet. You need to feel as though you can spread out and relax, and not restricted by the confines of your tiny mat. It will also reduce bug traffic across your mat 🙂
  • Find thick shade. There’s nothing worse that getting into a pose and you are squinting your eyes to the sun. You will be left feeling frustrated rather than refreshed!

I hope I’ve helped inspire some regular practice for your next camping holiday! Till then, see you in studio!

Keep practicing,