Become Yoga

The below quote explains the benefits of holding poses for long periods of time. Flowing between poses has its own benefits, but I’m enjoying slowing things down to a snails pace in this busy world. Slower does not mean easier (!) Iyengar yoga is ideal for a slow but strong practice. I think allowing our minds to become absorbed in the activity at hand is something that is becoming lost in our distracting Information Age. Spending longer durations in poses helps one practice being absorbed in the activity, giving one a single pointed focus. This, I think, will become increasingly important for our mental health.

“[In asanas], both left-brain and right-brain consciousness come into play. The analytical left brain probes the details of the poses and explores the various kinesiological possibilities; the right brain experiences and creates patterned wholes, capturing the flowing essence of each asana. When these two aspects of consciousness are working together harmoniously, the mind can constantly refine and adjust the pose while maintaining a continuous flow of intelligence. This integration – requiring great concentration and stillness of mind – is one of the challenges of asana practice and provides a fertile field for Self-unfolding.”         ~Arthur Kilmurray, Yoga Journal Sept/Oct 1984

📷 Steve Benjamin @animal_ocean