Props and prep

A typical Iyengar class in Kalk Bay, as students prepare for Pincha Mayurasana (Peacock Pose). Props can help prepare the body by giving it the correct alignment. The use of blocks and a belt in Pincha Mayurasana helps to keep the elbows shoulder width apart and the hands apart. This encourages the armpits and chest to open, as well as ensuring that you access the pose using the correct muscle groups. In this way the props become the teachers, and slowly the correct action is learnt by the body. In this variation, students are about to walk their legs up the wall.

The yoga cure

Science steadily catches up to “prove” that the magic of yoga in fact works. Yoga helps manage and treat many diseases and ailments resulting for inflammation, including depression, arthritis, high blood pressure and digestive disorders. This must be why so much importance is placed on Sarvangasana / Shoulder Stand in Iyengar yoga  

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It’s all in the balance

Yoga is like life – its a balance of holding on and letting go. We cannot control the flow of life entirely, so we must learn to do what we can and let go of the rest. This is what the asanas (postures) teach us. Through holding postures, we learn to be in the present moment, do our best, and surrender to the rest. Yoga literally rewires the brain to cope in this way as we hold difficult poses. So when we are faced with hardships in real life, those neurological pathways fire out of habit and we learn healthier stress responses. Not only does this increase our coping mechanisms, but also leads to a more fulfilled and happier existence

Iyengar Yoga Retreat


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with Monique Woolls-King

McGregor, Western Cape

22-24 September

All inclusive

Arrive 4pm Friday 22nd

Depart 4pm Sunday 24th

Total 2 nights

Whether you are a current practitioner of the Iyengar method, or have heard about it but never tried the practice, then this retreat is for you!

About Monique:

Monique is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and has been practicing for 8 years. She is dedicated to her practice and believes in the powerful effects of yoga on the body and mind.

The Retreat:

Monique invites you to discover and reconnect with Iyengar yoga in the quaint village of McGregor. This retreat will focus on alignment, therapeutic sequencing, and prop usage to gain the most out of your yoga practice. This retreat is ideal for beginners who want a safe introduction to yoga, but also provides deeper instruction for more advanced practitioners.

With each new day we will be serving up 3 fresh and nourishing vegan/vegetarian meals. Mornings will kick off with energising combos of juices, smoothies and raw foods. Colourful spreads of salads, proteins and grains will ground and restore us at lunch hour. Dinners will be a time to relax and converse and will entail a 3-course vegan meal inspired by Asian and Mediterranean flavours.


  • Yoga Alignment
  • Prop usage for a more effective practice
  • Therapeutic sequencing for a healing weekend of yoga
  • All meals vegetarian with vegan options available
  • Nature walks & guided meditation
  • Personal time in beautiful McGregor
  • Optional hikes


Friday: 4pm check-in, 6pm yoga, 7.30pm dinner

Saturday: 7am yoga, 9am breakfast, 11am props & alignment discourse, 12pm yoga, 1:30pm lunch, 2-5pm personal time, 5.30pm yoga, 7pm dinner

Sunday: 7am yoga, 9am breakfast, 10.30am nature walk & guided meditation, 12pm yoga, 1:30pm lunch, 2-4pm personal time


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R4200 pp sharing luxury double room w private en-suite

R2900 double room pp sharing  (shared bathroom facilities)

R2600 pp single sharing (shared bathroom facilities)


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Extend more in Ustrasana

This is Ustrasana, Camel Pose. Many find this pose difficult on the lower back. The blocks help one extend more, creating space between the vertebrae so that one can access the pose, and stay in it for longer. Join us next weekend for an Iyengar yoga retreat to learn more!


Tickets all inclusive from R2600

Letting go

There’s always a bigger picture, and we are really tiny in comparison to the larger picture at play. We are small in comparison to that which is outside of us. There is a cycle of growth and decay that is outside our control. Our mind often gets stuck on specific objects of desire, creating attachment which leads to suffering.  We tend to clutch on to things outside of our control which only worsens our suffering. When a person says “more for me, more for me”, then he is obsessed with fear. The practice of Aparigraha/Non-attachment (one of the Yamas) helps free us from this cycle of suffering and fear. Non-attachment simply means having confidence in one’s existence and abundance. The one who is stingy is afraid of themselves and has no idea of their strengths. On the mat, it is about letting go of our attachment to the poses and how they should look and feel, while being unattached to the benefits you think you’re getting.

Access deeper poses


This is Virasana – Hero Pose; a pose that can be difficult for the knees if one tries to sit on the floor. The height of the foams pictured here give the knee joints space, allowing one to be comfortable in the asana. Props help practitioners stay longer in poses, thereby increasing the effects and enabling higher levels of healing and awareness to be reached. Join us in McGregor at the Iyengar Yoga Retreat for a weekend of going more deeply into your yoga practice.

22-24 September | All inclusive from R2600 | Book through Quicket:

Classes in Roeland Street

Look at them go! This was last Wednesday eve, students in Virabhadrasana 1/Warrior Pose 1. Come and join on a Mon & Wed 1pm or 5.30pm. See some of you later!

Refresh and restore

This is Paryankasana using blocks. Paryankasana has many benefits, and is especially good for opening the chest. It stretches the respiratory diaphragm and actively stretches the abdominal organs. The blocks help give one access to the pose, as usually the crown of the head is resting on the floor. Find out more at our retreat in September! It will be a weekend to move into stillness and unwind. Treat yourself!

Space is limited to 12 people

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Soaring high in Shoulder Stand

Yoga Cape Town

Have you ever tried shoulder stand with support under the shoulders? Aaaah – it is glorious. You get an extra lift and the pose take on a lighter feel, as though you are flying.


The actual meaning of what has become known as ‘shoulder stand’ is “whole body pose” …. Sarva- entire/whole; Anga- body/limb: hence whole body posture. This pose refers to the LIFT of the entire body. The support not only facilitates that lift, but more importantly prevents the neck from injury by keeping the natural curve of the neck intact.

Join the Iyengar Yoga Retreat this September to experience Sarvangasana in this spacious way.


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